Welcome to SVS Oil Mills.

SVS Oil Mills has a sound evolution history of consistent growth and achievements. The inception took place way back in the year 1969 with full vigor. In the early 90’s, when Information Technology was in its infancy and when developing a new business was a convoluted job, the promoters nurtured SVS with their years of hard work, dedication and domain Knowledge and accomplished the market status that they aspired for.

S.V.Kasilingam   S.V.Chandrapandian   S.V.Ramachandran

These brothers namely S.V.Chandrapandian, S.V.Kasilingam and S.V.Ramachandran are the siblings who are currently operating the business successfully. It is due to their hardwork and dedication for which the company has been running for five decades.

Having been in this industry for so long, SVS has till now supplied cooking oil to almost every household and cooking industry within the province.

SVS Oil Mills, ever since its foundation in the year 1969 has harnessed its experience in the consumer goods industry to focus on long-term relationships with its consumers by providing high quality, contemporary, technology based and cost-effective products. The organization has embraced a tradition of creating, developing and marketing high-quality consumer products for nearly 5 decades.

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