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SVS oil mills was launched in the year 1969. Within just a few years of its inception, it shot to brand status which it comfortably holds even to this day. It has also become a household name due to its high quality status. SVS has evolved over the years. It has reached a stage in its journey where it no longer stands just for functional and qualitative superiority. It helps in the balancing of the conflicting demands for taste and health required by food.

From the beginning of its launch, it has provided not only an offering of far superior quality but also sold at a very accessible price point.

SVS is one of the front runners when it comes to offering a wide variety of pure quality oils to meet every need of the discerning customer. The company offers an electric mix of branded oils, ranging from

  • Refined Groundnut Oil
  • Refined Sunflower Oil
  • Vanaspathi
  • Palmolien Oil

ensuring the satisfaction of its ever-expanding customer base.

SVS is one among Tamil Nadu’s primary producers of cooking oils. All the products are well positioned by the principles of Quality, Excellence and Distinctive Innovation, that SVS has held-to since its inception. These principles are followed to create and nurture the goodness of the existing product ranges which result in utmost customer satisfaction.

SVS shall forever stand as a reliable provider of products that will continue to extend Health and Happiness, long into the future.

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Awards and Recognition

  • SVS sun oil has been ranked first among the other competitors in the market and awarded the best industry award-2012

  • In its societal research,SRI SAIRAM INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE(SIMS) offer best industrial award for various sectors every year.

This year the research focused on the edible oil sector, and conducted the survey all over Tamilnadu state with the sample base of 3500 users of edible which reveals the output that clearly stated SVS being ranked first among the other competitors in the market by the health, quality, price conscious customers and most of them are influenced by the medical practitioners, where the advertisement falls secondary.

The research committee based on the survey and analysis has decided to award SVS sun oil mills ‘THE BEST INDUSTRY AWARD-2012’(Edible oil category).it is with strong belief that the efforts taken shall be of mutual to the organization and the society as a whole to serve the customers with good quality products at affordable price.

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